Fired Memphis EMT Said Police Were ‘Impeding Patient Care’ of Tyre Nichols’ By Refusing To Remove Handcuffs

Photo Credit: NBC/ Memphis Fire Dept.

An EMT who was fired in connection to Tyre Nichols’s murder has spoken out against the Memphis police claiming they were preventing them from performing patient care, NBC News reports. 

Former Memphis Fire Department EMT Robert Long, who was at the scene the night Tyre Nichols’ was inhumanely beaten by Memphis officers, said officers were

“impeding patient care”

while Nichols’ was in their custody. Long attempted to clear his name during a hearing with the Tennessee Emergency Medical Services Board on Friday.

Long detailed the moment he and another EMT, JaMichael Sandridge, arrived at the scene. Long alleged that when he arrived he was immediately notified that an officer had been pepper sprayed but did not require any medical attention. The two EMTs were later directed to Nichols’, who was allegedly

“handcuffed and propped up against a police car,”

reports state. 

Long said he documented Nichols’ injuries, which included bumps on the head, a busted lip, and a bloody nose. Long said when he asked Nichols’ what had happened, Nichols’ allegedly replied:

“I want to stand up and be uncuffed.”

Long said,

“I asked MPD what happened with the patient and the officer stated ‘he ran from us.’”

He added that

“… MPD [was] leaning over the patient in his face saying loudly that the patient is not going anywhere and that they are not going to uncuff him, impeding patient care.”

Long claims he made several attempts to take Nichols’ vitals but had difficulties due to 

“Nichols’ rolling away from him,”

reports reveal. Long said he eventually called an ambulance that transported Nichols’ to a hospital. Nichols’ died three days later from his injuries. 

The Memphis Fire Department fired Long, Sandridge, and another EMT, Lt. Michelle Whitaker, in late January for

“violating multiple policies and protocols during their response,”

reports state. 

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