Five Boys Rescued From Staten Island Sewer System After Climbing In and Getting Lost

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

Five Staten Island boys, ages 11-12 years old, had to be rescued from the sewer system after climbing in and getting lost, Fox News reported.

According to the New York Fire Department (FDNY), 911 dispatchers got a call at around 6 p.m. from one of the boy’s cell phones. In the 911 call obtained by Fox News, the boys are heard telling officials they had entered a sewer and were stuck inside. 

The 911 dispatcher had the boys describe their point of entry to help locate them. The boys explained that they had walked through a cemetery before entering the sewer and had been

“walking a lot.”

Officials said the boys walked for 15 minutes under a roadway, passing multiple manhole covers, and through the parking lot of the Staten Island Zoo.

The dispatcher discovered that the boys had climbed into the sewer through the side of a local park, Clove Lakes Park. The children were told to scream


so firefighters could find their exact location. Firefighter John Loennecker of West Brighton said

“the last drain I opened on Clove [Road], is when I could hear them clearly.”

The boys could be heard yelling,

“Help! Help! Help us!”

Responders had to use gas masks and oxygen tanks to enter the

“narrow opening”

that the boys crawled in. The children were found,  rescued, and taken to a local hospital for evaluation where they are in stable condition, reports state.

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