Florida School Pulls Disney’s ‘Ruby Bridges’ After Parent Filed Complaint, Claiming It Teaches ‘White People Hate Black People’

Photo Credit: Instagram/ rubybridgesofficial

A Florida parent filed a formal complaint against her child’s elementary school for showing the Disney historical film on the story of Ruby Bridges, due to fears that it will influence students to believe that

“White people hate Black people,”


The biographical drama tells a story about a six-year-old girl who was chosen to integrate a Louisiana elementary school in 1960. North Shore Elementary School, which was showing the historic film in honor of Black History Month, sent notices home asking parents for permission for their children to watch the PG-rated film.

“A standard protocol,”

Pinellas County Schools spokesperson told the outlet. The description to parents stated,

“Ruby’s heroic struggle for a better education becomes a lesson for us all.”

However, one parent, who reportedly declined to give her child permission, thought otherwise. The parent, citing several racial slurs and threatening comments heard in the film’s depiction of what Bridges withstood, filed the complaint saying that the film could teach the class that

“White people hate Black people.” 

The parent asked that Ruby Bridges be withdrawn from the list of films approved for elementary school students, saying it was

“more appropriate for eighth-graders,”

PEOPLE reported. In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, the district spokesperson said that after the formal objection was filed, the parent was notified that

“the school would not have any future showings during this school year as the movie had already been shown.”

The film is now under review however, it has not been removed from all schools.

“The movie remains available through the district’s licensed movie library,”

the spokesperson said. The complaint comes as parents across Florida we’re given the right to regulate what their children are taught in public school education, lawfully recognized as The Parental Rights in Education Act. 

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