Florida Woman Arrested After Her Two Grandchildren Died In Her Care Less Than A Year Apart

A Florida grandmother is now in police custody after both of her children tragically lost their lives while in her care, Fox 13 Tampa Bay reported.

In December of 2021, the lives of Kaila Nix and Drew Schock were forever changed when their 16-month-old son, Ezra, died while he was being babysat by Kaila’s mother, Tracey Nix. As Nix was napping, Ezra opened multiple doors, went under a fence, and wandered into a pond outside his grandparent’s home in Wauchula, Florida. After being given time to grieve, Kaila graciously forgave her mother.

“I was believing that I was leaving my children at any point with a master’s degree holding,  well-educated, well respected, Sunday school teaching, choir-singing, social person,” Kaila explained. “I believed that surely I must be making this other thing with Ezra too much. The sheriff’s office said it. DCF told us. Everyone did.”

Sadly, tragedy struck the family once again. On November 1st, Drew went to the Nix’s family home to pick up 7-month old Uriel to find their driveway filled with police cruisers and ambulances. Tracey had been inside her home for many hours when she had realized that she had forgotten Uriel in her car. When she finally remembered, it was too late.

“When I pulled up to the house, I’m coming to pick up my little girl and there’s ambulances there, and I’m thinking what the is going on,” Drew recalled. “I was having flashbacks, because when I pulled back with Ezra there, it was the same exact scene.”

Tracey was later arrested and is now facing charges of aggravated manslaughter of her granddaughter. If found guilty, she could face a minimum of 12 years and a maximum sentence of 35 years.

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