Funeral Homes Join The Barbie Trend By Introducing Hot Pink Barbie-Themed Coffins For Sale

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ The Good Funeral Guide

The marketing team behind the popular ‘Barbie‘ movie has garnered attention for their impressive work, including their partnerships with major corporations and their endless advertisements. Now, it seems that even funeral homes are looking to capitalize on the Barbie phenomenon by promoting pink Barbie-theme caskets.

According to the NY Post, funeral homes are now providing a unique way for Barbie fans to show their devotion to the iconic doll, even after death, through the promotion of bright pink Barbie-themed caskets.

“This coffin, with its striking bright pink color, represents the spark and energy of those unforgettable moments they lived,”

a promotional video for the brightly colored coffin states.

“It is a reminder that our stories deserve to be remembered and celebrated with color and vibrancy. May this tribute be a celebration full of love, colors, and unforgettable memories.”

One company, Olivares Funeral Home, is promoting their

“Barbie House”

coffin with the catchphrase,

“So you can rest like Barbie.”

Isaac Villegas, a funeral director, told Jam Press that the demand for the bright-colored model spiked following the movie’s release. As a result, they decided to provide a 30% discount for anyone interested.

“We wanted to promote the pink coffin as it has become a trend and people have been contacting us. Of the 40 people who inquired about it, we have already closed a contract with at least 10 new clients,”

Villegas said.

“We even ran out of stock.”

Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie movie is expected to surpass $90 million–$125 million in North America alone, according to The Deadline. The Barbie movie has influenced a cultural and fashion craze, with fans all over the world jumping on the wave.  

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