Group of Rowdy Teenagers Trash and Rob Leimert Park McDonald’s After Juneteenth Celebration, One Suspect Arrested So Far

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

LAPD is investigating a destructive raid that occurred Monday night at a McDonald’s close to Leimert Park after a Juneteenth celebration, Fox 11 reports. The culprits are a group of teens who trashed and looted the fast food chain, getting away with the cash register.

The social media video shows the rowdy teens tearing apart the McDonald’s as employees and customers scream and yell in the background. One jumped over the counter and began destroying the property. In addition, the video also shows another teen snatching the cash register before quickly running out of the establishment.

“He stole the cash register,”

an off-camera person yelled.

Once outside, footage shows the unidentified young kid slamming the register on the ground. Then, when it opened, the rest of the teenagers swarmed around to collect the money.

Additional footage from the business showed employees shielding themselves from the commotion behind the counter while the group threw burgers, fries, and other McDonald’s products across the restaurant.

Tony Lardas, the owner of the McDonald’s franchise, told Fox 11,

“We are deeply concerned by the recent incident. The safety of employees and customers is my top priority, and we’re focused on supporting our restaurant team as we continue to assist local law enforcement in their investigation.”

So far, only one person has been connected to the chaotic event, and they were arrested for robbery. The suspect is a 19-year-old, but their name is not public information. LAPD spokesperson Drake Madison told local newspapers that the search continues for the rest of the group.

Nearby restaurant manager, Teron Liggins, spoke to Fox 11 about the incident.

“It got a little hot for a second, and it’s a lot of people crowded together. And everybody created, you know, some type of animosity. It was unfortunate.

The amount of money taken in the robbery is still unknown.

#Clique, what do you think about the situation? Check out the viral clip from the robbery below.

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