Healthy Ways To Boost Your Social Battery

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No matter how active or vibrant you are, your social battery must be low at some point. No man is an island, and humans need relationships to survive, no matter how short-term. It’s noteworthy that maintaining communication or active relationships with people can be tasking. Sometimes, you may not feel like talking or reaching out at all. Don’t worry, it simply means that your social battery may be low and needs to be recharged.

How to Spot That You Need To Recharge Your Social Battery

Whenever You:

  • Feel slow to respond to a social hangout with familiar faces.
  • The brain experiences fatigue due to news of a social gathering.
  • Come up with excuses to be absent from social outings.

All these pointers mean that you may be running low on your social battery, and if you persist, you may hit rock bottom. The symptoms may include anger and loneliness consuming your being after every hangout.

The Magic Fix To Help Recharge Your Social Battery

Shun Small Talks

You can leave it at the door if it’s about an inconsequential subject. Don’t try to spice up your conversations with small talk, and do not engage others when they do so. You can politely leave the room or excuse yourself because such discussions have a way of bringing down one’s spirit. In the same vein, flee from extra sensitive arguments, including politics and issues of faith.

Immerse Yourself In Creative Activities/ Innovation

It could be that you are tired of hitting the same spot for hangouts, then try something new. You should engage in enjoyable activities like painting, music, or cooking lessons to charge your social battery. Propose this to your group and see that they subscribe to it.

Free Your Mind From Negativity

Resist scrolling through sad events in the media and life generally. Try to be the happiest you can be at every point. This would help structure your mind and lifestyle altogether. Also, please note that happiness does not come from doing drugs.

Take Some Time Off The Screen

The world is tech savvy, but this can also affect your social battery. Staying connected online to friends and loved ones may affect how you relate to your immediate environment. You may develop pleasure from long distances as opposed to physical relationships.

According to aconsciousrethink, once you understand what depletes your social battery, recharging will be easier. Additionally, be aware that everyone runs on social battery, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.

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