How to Go About Life with Difficult Family Members

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Family members are supposed to be a source of love and support, not creators of difficulty in your life. The motto for a functional family should be “one for all, and all for one,” meaning that their affairs are each other’s concerns. This is not to say that there won’t be small fights and different opinions, but core values like empathy are what will resolve the differences in families like this. However, there are always two sides to a coin, and families can include individuals who can make things difficult sometimes. Sadly, the effect may affect you more. So it is best to know how to navigate if you find yourself in such a difficult household.

How Difficult Family Members Can Affect You

The lingering effects of dealing with family members range from:

  • Unreasonable fear and apprehension when it is time for a family gathering.
  • Cutting yourself off from family members, even the ones that are not difficult.
  • Becoming overly independent, and you rarely see the need for friendships.
  • Having difficulty maintaining a healthy sleep routine.
  • Beating yourself up for the misdeeds of others.

Ultimately, people who grew up in dysfunctional homes may be on two sides of the extreme. Either they tailor their lives after what they were used to or shut out completely. However, another effect can be to not become what you hate.

Surviving Difficult Family Members

Once you identify where your family lies, it becomes easier to handle the outcomes. If your background reeked of competition, physical abuse, and so on, you must consider seeing a professional. But if you experienced faint chaos and misunderstandings from siblings, you may want to attack it by talking about it. Have a round table talk, and do not be shy about your feelings. You can have a third party around to help settle the rivalry.

Help Guide provides what could pass as a long-lasting solution — cut them off. If you have difficulty with family members who decide to frustrate you at the slightest chance, stay away from them for your own safety.

Note that the first thing that should come to mind when dealing with difficult family members is to try to make them see the light. However, in doing so, do not get burned.

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