Jermaine Jackson Slammed With a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit By a Woman Who Claimed His Associate Berry Gordy Was Aware


At age 69, Jermaine Jackson is being hit with sexual abuse allegations. The accuser maintained that her alleged predator did nothing to rectify the situation over the years. She also pointed accusing fingers at Berry Gordy, Jackson’s associate who might have covered the crime.

Jermaine Jackson Allegedly Raped A Woman He Had Close Ties With

According to the lawsuit filed by Rita Butler Barrett a few days after Christmas, she fell victim to Jermaine’s sexual violence in 1988. It hurt more because she was afflicted by a friend and not a foe.

Per People, she worked with him and shared a personal bond. Their working relationship dated years before the unsavory incident occurred. At the same time, her husband, Ben Barrett, shared professional ties with Jermaine through Berry Gordy. Berry had managed the Jackson 5, as the group had been signed to his Motown Records.

Rita claimed that Jermaine Jackson, a familiar face, attacked her in a familiar place — her home. She did not detail the whereabouts of her husband but affirmed that the Jackson 5 alum invaded her home to use “force and violence” to rape her.

The alleged victim waited until the next day to share the horrors with Berry. But unfortunately, he reacted poorly. Rather than ask questions, Berry swept it under the carpet, doing nothing. Per the accuser, his reaction was for his selfish interest. She claimed Berry intended to continue to profit from Jermaine.

Jermaine Jackson’s Accuser Lines Up the List of Sexual Abuse Allegations And Demands Damages

Nothing has been said by reps from Jermaine or Berry about the sexual assault allegations. However, Rita has gone on to state her case and how it affected her. In the filing, she wrote that the rape caused her “severe emotional, physical, and psychological injury, including humiliation, shame, guilt, economic loss, economic capacity, and permanent emotional distress.”

Rita is suing the singer and his music production company for a string of crimes, including rape, negligence, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual abuse. She is seeking an unnamed amount in retribution.

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