Jury Determines 2014 Will Found In Aretha Franklin’s Couch Is Valid, Reports Say

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Tingey Injury Law Firm

A jury ruled in favor of the late Aretha Franklin’s newly found will for her estate, putting an end to the ongoing battle between her children, TMZ reported. 

The legendary Queen of Soul passed away from pancreatic cancer in August 2018. It was thought that Franklin died without a known will however that changed in 2019 when a handwritten letter was found in a book hidden in the creases of her couch. 

The five-page will, dated March 31, 2014, was brought to trial to determine whether the 2010 draft or the newfound document would be recognized. As of Tuesday, a Michigan jury concluded that the 2014 document is indeed plausible.  

In the new will Aretha appoints her sons Kecalf and Edward as executors of her $6 million estate.


AKA Ted White II, their brother who was called to be the executor in the 2010 version, the name was apparently crossed out of the new will. According to TMZ, the 2010 document ordered Kecalf and Edward to

“take business classes, and get a degree or certificate to benefit from Aretha’s estate.”

However, based on the 2014 interpretation the men no longer have that as a requirement.

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