Kanye West Goes Off On TMZ Paparazzi and Asks Her To Work For Him

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Kanye West’s outburst towards a TMZ paparazzi involved him seizing her phone and schooling her to keep his wife’s name out of her mouth. The rapper turned the session into a Q&A before returning the item. In the end, he made an offer that brought a smile to her face.

Kanye West Gets Mad When TMZ Paparazzi Asks About Bianca Censori

The TMZ paparazzi caught up with Kanye as he walked to Charlie Wilson’s Hall of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles. Without hesitation, the female reporter asked:

“People want to know if Bianca has her free will. People are saying you are controlling her.”

Kanye immediately reached for her phone, which she was using as a camera to record the interaction. He complained about the quality of the question, explaining that the focus was wrong. He didn’t want to talk about his wife and couldn’t understand why the reporter wasn’t concerned about the real issues bothering him.

The Vultures rapper referred to her question as “dumb shit” before asking if she had kids. He claimed that the media spun narratives about him without considering that he was human. Kanye emphasized that it would have been okay if the paparazzi covered news about him not seeing his kids, as that was something he would want to address.

During the rant documented by TMZ, someone tried to calm Kanye down, but the rapper was ready to fight to the finish. Surprisingly, the confrontation ended on a lighter note as Kanye asked for her “first and last” name. The TMZ reporter seemed open to a discussion as she shared her name. In the end, Kanye told her that he would double her pay if she resigned from TMZ to work for him.

Indeed, fans yearn to know the story behind Bianca’s choices. This comes after her social media ban was reported. Insiders told outlets that Kanye merely acted for her own good — to protect her well-being.
However, friends of the architect believe otherwise. They maintain that Kanye has thrown her to the slaughterhouse of critics by sharing her barely-clad body online. To them, the rapper is focused on controlling Bianca and turning her into another Kim Kardashian.

Clique, what are your thoughts?

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