Kevin Hart Guns Down Tasha K’s Business In Extortion Lawsuit

Image Credit: Kevin Hart/ Instagram, Tasha K/ Facebook

Kevin Hart is ready to fight dirty in an extortion lawsuit against Tasha K. The 44-year-old now references her business as a “Shell Company” put in place for personal use. He maintained Tasha K has some skeletons in her cupboard as per evasion of financial liabilities.

Kevin Hart & Tasha K Battles Head On Over Leaked Interview From Former Assistant

Kevin Hart has put on a brave heart to face most celebrities’ worst nightmare, Tasha K. The YouTuber is famous for revealing the dirty laundry of successful stars. She was once in a legal battle with Cardi B, who ended up cupping about $ 4 million in settlement.

Just weeks ago, Kevin Hart slammed an extortion lawsuit on her after the entertainment gossiper released private matters. Tasha K teased fans with a preview of her interview with Kevin’s former assistant, Miesha Shakes.

During their time together, Shakes brought on some accusations, claiming that Kevin cheated on his wife and was a chronic gambler. Following a snippet of the interview, Tasha K assured fans that this was the interview Kevin wished never happened.

Kevin explained that the claims were false. In his filing against the accused, Tasha K’s reps had approached him for an extortion fee of $250,000. If he had paid up, the blogger would have handed him the evidence.

As expected, the defense called the actor a liar. Tasha K emphasized that he never wanted Shakes’ version of her time as an employee revealed to the public.

Kevin Hart Mentions Tasha K’s Assets In Extortion Lawsuit

While her sleuthing ways have earned her an extortion lawsuit, Tasha K might have to deal with much more than she bargained for. Radar Online gathered that Kevin edited his initial filing to include Tasha K’s affiliate firm, Yelen Entertainment LLC.

The comedian told the court that Tasha K’s husband controls Yelen. Together, they work to publish her content through the company. Kevin’s documents linked Yelen to her Kebe Studios, tagging it as a successor company. Kebe Studios was responsible for the defendant’s entertainment publishing before its bankruptcy following the Cardi B victory.

Kevin claims the companies are:

“merely shell entities and shams of one another, [Tasha] treated Kebe Studios and Yelen, and used the assets of Kebe Studios and Yelen, as her own personal property, and dominated, controlled and operated Kebe Studios and Yelen to conceal her wrongful activities, suit her personal convenience, and avoid obligations and liabilities, both monetary and non-monetary, owed to others.”

Following the interview that set things in motion, Shakes has gone underground, refusing to comment. Meanwhile, Tasha K is yet to react to Kevin’s new extortion lawsuit.

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