Kweli TV: The Film Network For Black Culture


When Deshuna Spencer recalls the evening many years ago, she remembers flipping through hundreds of channels, frustrated with the recurring stereotypes and lack of diversity in TV shows and movies, as well as the absence of content that was important to her. She had a strong desire for educational documentaries, global black history, and cinematic indie films with brilliant storylines and engaging characters. It was this hunger for meaningful content that led to the birth of Kweli TV.

KweliTV is a mission-driven mass media and entertainment company that celebrates global Black stories and amplifies black creators from North America, Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, Europe, and Australia. They curate nearly 700 indie films, documentaries, animation, shows, children’s programming, and audio stories. KweliTV is accessible globally through various mobile and TV apps, platforms, and educational institutions.

The name Kweli, which means ‘Truth’ in Swahili, reflects the channel’s goal of creating content that truly represents the black experience. Deshuna Spencer was inspired to create Kweli TV after learning from the Sentencing Project that undeclared bias from producers and journalists shapes how black people are portrayed in the media. Kweli TV aims to break those stereotypes by producing content that provides an accurate representation of black culture. They strive to shift the narrative in black media, dismantle bias, and increase economic inclusion for black creators in the entertainment industry.

#Clique, what are your thoughts on the Black media streaming and production platform?

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