“Marvel’s ‘The Fantastic Four’ Welcome A New Writer For Phase 5 Debut”

Marvel’s upcoming film, “The Fantastic Four,” has reportedly enlisted a new writer, Eric Pearson, known for his work on successful MCU projects like “Thor: You might recall Pearson involved in movies like “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Black Widow”. Reports by The Comic, emphasized only on quality to push the project forward, without this production would hardly be […]

Grammy Award Winner Also Wins In The Fashion World

The fashion industry displa yeda diverse range of creative and innovative artists, making a splash both on red carpets and in street style. One artist, Tyla, stood out for not only using music as a form of self-expression but also through her unique clothing choices, gaining our attention by constantly pulling off the 90s look. […]

Nicholas Cage In Talks To Reprise In The Live-Action SPIDER-MAN NOIR Series.

According to The Ankler, Nicolas Cage is reportedly circling the ‘Spider-Man Noir’ project as he engages in serious talks to take on the lead role in the series, which will be set in 1930s New York City. Despite previous character change reports, Cage is reportedly in serious negotiations to play the ’30s detective version of […]

Tyra Banks: A True Fashion Icon

The supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks has established a successful and long-lasting career for herself in the fashion and entertainment world, as well as making history along the way. In addition to being the creator of America’s Next Top Model, the model has walked for several of the biggest fashion houses, including Saint Laurent, […]

Godzilla Director Interested In Creating Fights Against Other Monsters In Sequel

Takashi Yamazaki, the Director of the Godzilla Minus One, film has disclosed his interest in making a sequel to the movie featuring different monsters to battle against Godzilla. During a brand-new interview with Empire magazine, the director revealed that he would like to feature some “kaiju vs. kaiju” action in the follow-up, if Toho lets him make […]