Kirsten Dunst Speaks on Making Another Comic Book Movie

Kristen Dunst/Twitter

According to MarieClaire,Kirsten is a powerful reminder of the transformation of a young veteran with a vast filmography, who started her career as a child star in Jumanji, then went on to become an indie darling in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and later evolved into an accomplished actress wooing prestige directors like Sofia Coppola and Jane Campion.

Now, she is on the brink of a new frontier in her career, as she takes on the role of a dark action heroine in A24’s dystopian thriller Civil War. Despite being typecast due to her age and motherhood, she has managed to overcome these challenges and is now making a powerful comeback after a two-year hiatus.

Campion’s The Power of the Dog, for which Dunst, long deemed underrated, finally got her best supporting actress nomination from the Academy.

“Every role I was being offered was the sad mom,”

Dunst is a Hollywood veteran with an Oscar nomination who desires to take on challenging roles. She’s also a hands-on mother to her sons.

“To be honest, that’s been hard for me… because I need to feed myself. The hardest thing is being a mom and… not feeling like I have nothing for myself. That’s every mother—not just me.”

She is determined to land a fantastic TV show that films in Los Angeles. Is it even a question whether she would consider doing another superhero movie?

“Yes,” Dunst says with refreshing honesty, “Because you get paid a lot of money, and I have two children, and I support my mother.”

Her upbringing here has instilled in her an unshakable grasp on reality and the vital traits necessary to endure for as long as she has.

“I just have good people around me,” Dunst says. “I have good girlfriends, and my mom’s fun and comes over every day. I’m very connected to my family, and I have a great husband.”

It’s interesting to note that she attended a high school that didn’t offer any kind of acting curriculum. Despite this, she managed to form a tight-knit group of friends during that time and has remained close to them ever since.

“Two of my friends in this industry are Dakota and Elle Fanning, but they’re like me,”

Dunst says.

“They’re very normal, real girls.”

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