LaKeith Stanfield and Wife May Need to Face a Judge After a Travel Nanny Sued for Unpaid Wages and Unfair Treatment

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The nanny who worked for LaKeith Stanfield and his wife, Kasmere Trice, during their trip to New York claims they never paid her the due wage. In her lawsuit, she highlighted the rigid working conditions and her boss’s lack of empathy.

LaKeith Stanfield’s Nanny, Monica Sawyer, Alleged Tough Experience

Lakeith Stanfield’s nanny, Monica Sawyer, wrote in her filing that the couple had agreed to pay her $500 every day. The contract of looking after their only child was supposed to last for seven days while they spent time in New York. Sawyer moved to the Big Apple to resume work. But while working, she believed the couple had left out the specifications of her job.

Though she was expected to cater to their child, Sawyer said they added a truckload of other duties — all unspecified at first. This additional workload made it difficult for her to do anything for herself.

According to the lawsuit, it was almost impossible to ask for a break, and when she did, Trice was unwelcoming. Per RadarOnline, the filing read:

“While Trice did provide the one-hour break, Plaintiff was met with aggression and attitude when she brought it up.”

During her time with the couple, Sawyer allegedly complained about the work. This led her to demand four hours of rest every day. While the couple might have agreed, they continued to bother her for duties.

Via the docs, she claimed:

“However, while on her break, Trice continuously messaged Plaintiff requesting access to her room, giving detailed instructions on how to prepare the infant’s bottles, and requesting that Plaintiff bring a prepared bottle to Defendant’s room.”

Additionally, Sawyer revealed that her break was interrupted to also attend to the couple’s needs. Lakeith Stanfield’s nanny did not deny answering their call. But there was one thing she couldn’t do. The couple had asked her to hold their baby while flying back to Los Angeles. Sawyer refused while clearly stating her fear for safety. She also emphasized her “frustration for having the infant for seven days straight with no breaks to use the restroom, eat, or even shower.”

In response, Trice compared the nanny to her former employee, explaining that it was the normal routine. The mother-of-one then canceled Sawyer’s trip. Consequently, she found her way home alone and was never paid. The complainant wants her dues sorted and has requested that the couple settle her legal fees.

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