Lil Scrappy Holds It Down For Papoose While Speaking His Truth About Gender Inequality Following Remy Ma’s Cheating Allegation

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Lil Scrappy posits that men and women are not treated equally, while he professes support for Papoose. In the wake of Remy Ma’s cheating allegation, Lil Scrappy shares how he believes men are treated poorly by society.

Remy Ma’s Cheating Allegations With Eazy The Block Captain In Different Phases

The juicy story of Remy Ma’s cheating allegations popped after sources captured her with Eazy The Block Captain. It appeared that her romance with Papoose took a new turn during the summer as insiders affirmed that there was a confrontation. This involved Papoose and Eazy. The men allegedly got into a fight during a Chrome 23 event after the former warned Eazy to stay off his wife.

While this was tagged as bad news that never happened, YouTuber, Tasha K ignited more fire. She claimed that she had proof that confirmed that Remy Ma’s cheating allegations were true. This included photos of Remy and Eazy at a restaurant.

Lil Scrappy Cites Inequality In His Support For Papoose

Lil Scrappy recently called out the lack of support for his contemporary, Papoose. The rapper, who has been big on sharing his reality, dived into the trending topic.

Lil Scrappy shifted his focus from family to what was happening with his industry mate. He maintained that Papoose was not supported enough, with nobody shutting down the alleged irritating behavior of his wife.

The onscreen star told fans that there is a double standard or inequality in the black community and nobody feels sorry for Remy Ma’s husband. On top of that, there has been no calling out of the alleged wrongdoer. He added per HiHopDx:

“We ain’t hearing none of that shit because ain’t nobody tryna stand up. And they talking about the Black woman is the most unprotected on the muthafuckin’ earth when n-ggas is dying daily. […] I’m standing up for the Black woman and I’m standing up for the Black man. That’s what I’m doing.”

Papoose has remained silent on the issue, just like his wife. But Eazy The Block Captain’s stance seems to be fueling the gossip. Weeks after denying a confrontation ever happened, a leaked audio revealed that he was involved with Remy Ma. However, the rapper later admitted that the recording was doctored.

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