Man Pleaded Guilty To The 2021 Murder Of His Former Girlfriend After Kidnapping and Burying Her Alive

South Australia Police

A man, Tarikjot Singh, has pleaded guilty to murder after kidnapping his former girlfriend, Jasmeen Kaur, back in March 2021 and then burying her alive, reports The Post. On March 5, Kaur was kidnapped from her job and driven over 400 miles while tied to cable ties in a vehicle Singh borrowed from someone he knew. 

Singh then gave the woman surfaced cuts to her throat and buried her in a shallow grave. The cuts to her throat weren’t deep enough to kill her and reports say she was well aware of her surroundings when she later died the next day. Carmen Matteo, the prosecutor said, the murder wasn’t


and the victim was

“made to suffer.” 

“She had to have been consciously suffering what could only be described as the absolute terror of breathing in and swallowing soil and dying in that way,”

said Matteo. 

The woman’s family was in court for the sentencing submissions. Reports added that Kaur was killed merely one month after reporting Singh to the authorities for stalking her. According to the court, Singh mapped out the murder because he wasn’t able to get over their failed relationship. The court was informed that the man wrote multiple messages to the victim before she died. 

One message said,

“Your bad luck that I am still alive, cheap, wait and watch, will get the answer, each and every single one will get the answer.” 

Singh later took officers to Australia’s Flinders Ranges, where she was buried. Authorities discovered her shoes, glasses, work name badge, and cable ties. 

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