Man Reportedly Kept Wife’s Corpse In Freezer So He Could Continue To Collect Her Pension 

Kajetan Sumila

A Norwegian man was sentenced to three and a half years by the Swedish court after officials discovered his partner’s corpse in a freezer. According to Fox, he kept her there in an effort to continue collecting her pension. 

The 57-year-old man’s attorney said,

“They didn’t want to be buried at a public cemetery but at the farm, actually.” 

“So he put her in the freezer to later bury her outside and then it fell by the wayside,” 

the lawyer added. 

The man informed friends and relatives that his wife, 60, was alive although she passed away from cancer back in 2018. Her relatives reported her a missing person after they lost contact with her. The man reportedly redirected their attempts at connecting with her as he initially made excuses, and later resulted in informing them that she didn’t want to talk to them.

Authorities discovered her corpse in March after a tip. The man later confessed to hiding her body as well as her passing. First, he said his reasoning behind this was to wait until spring so that he could lay her to rest near a farm in Varmland. One report claimed her dismembered her body and placed her in a freezer where he stored food. Through his fraudulent scheme, he was discovered to have earned slightly less than $117,000, said prosecutors.

The man had also altered the ownership and registrations of vehicles using his wife’s name. During the trial, the unnamed man claimed that he communicated with his deceased partner through telepathy. However, court-appointed psychiatrists confirmed his mental health remained unchanged, which debunked his claim.

He has been convicted on several charges including gross breach of civil liberties, gross fraud, mutilating a corpse, and falsification of documents. He has been ordered the pay the money back. 

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