Man Reveals He Is Sexually Attracted To Objects and He Is In A Committed Relationship With Balloons

Madison Oren/Unsplash

A man has revealed that he is sexually attracted to objects, reports Jams Press. 28-year-old Aakash Majumdar from India has no shame in his game after confessing to being in a relationship with a ton of balloons. He revealed that it all began as a friendship and then eventually cultivated into a relationship. 

The man told NeedToKnow.Online,

”I like their presence and warmth, and share intimate feelings with my balloons and vice verse. When you’re in love, you spend a lot of time together and accept all kinds of flaws.”

He went on to say that the balloons communicate with him through his dreams as well as telepathy. He confessed that they share

“each and every thought, feeling, and emotion.”

Majumdar is an

“objectum sexual,”

which means that he is sexually drawn to inanimate objects. The man went on to say that he and the balloons share a bed and they have a physical relationship with him, Jams Press reports. 

The 28-year-old said,

“Every morning, I wake up by saying ‘good morning’ and giving a kiss to my balloons that sleep beside me, and vice verse. I make out with my balloons.”

Things got serious back in 2021 when the man asked the big question after realizing he was in love. He said,

“Since I’ve confessed my love for my balloons, my life has changed for the better. Our love is so strong that I can’t live without him.”

Majumdar said he can take them anywhere with him and reveal that they’re delicate and sometimes accidents do occur, which causes him to monitor them at all times.  

“[The balloons] are just as fragile as a human baby. I need to protect him from all danger.” 

The New York Post reports that a 2019 Springer Nature study says that people who are sexually attracted to objects might have a condition called synesthesia. 

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