Man Stole 10K From His Girlfriend To Gamble, Wins 100M & Gives Her Back Exact Amount —- Now She’s Demanding $40M

Photo Credit: Wikicommons

A Nigerian man allegedly stole 10K Nigerian dollars from his girlfriend to gamble and won $100 million from his play but only gave her back the exact amount of money he had stolen, African Diaspora News Channel reported.

The incident, which occurred in February 2021, has since received viral outrage with people calling the unidentified man


According to Your Tango, the woman was unaware her money was taken until she was told by the man that he used the funds in a bet that lasted for two days. 

The man promised to return the $10,000 to his girlfriend after he won but to his amazement, he gained even more than he imagined. Winning 100 million Nigerian dollars, the man shared the exciting news with his lady but instead of giving her a fair share of the money he had stolen, he gave her back exactly $10,000. Furious by his empty gesture, the woman demanded the boyfriend give her $40 million from his jackpot but the man says he has other plans for his money. He claims he will be using most of the money to

“grow his business.”

After many threats from his girlfriend saying she would leave him, he decided to give her 5 million however, she is still standing on her original request of 40 million. Now the man is looking for advice on whether he wants to be financially wealthy or stay with the love of his life. One user suggested he,

“give her 10mil to buy [your] freedom and move on.”

#Clique, what are your thoughts?

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