Man Who Attempted To Run Over Black Family on Las Vegas Sidewalk Arrested For Numerous Hate-Related Crimes Against Black People

Photo Credit: 8 News Now

A white man is accused of going on a racist rampage where he attacked several back people and threatened to kill Black people in a mass shooting, 8 News Now reported. 

The suspect, Hunter Holman, 27, is accused of speeding his car in the direction of a Black family while screaming racial slurs at them outside of a Las Vegas hotel. The incident occurred on July 9th. Holman allegedly got out of his vehicle and continued to follow the family which resulted in him receiving a stab wound to his face, reports note. He was arrested for that incident and charged with assault with the use of a deadly weapon motivated by bias or hatred toward the victim, and child abuse or neglect records obtained by 8 Now News showed.

Holman has had several previous run-ins with the law for the continuous harassment and bigotry towards Black people. According to the ROOT, in June, Holman told his former employer that he was going to kill him while spewing out a few racist remarks as well. Arkansas police reportedly contacted the Las Vegas Metro police about Holman allegedly terrorizing Black people with an AR-15 at a fitness center in Little Rock, documents said.

“Based on Holman’s course of conduct, it is apparent he displayed hate/bias toward people of color, specifically Black subjects, and has demonstrated the ability to carry violence against them demonstrated by his attack in July 2022,”

detectives wrote in the documents. 

He was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 23rd, on two new charges of hate/bias crime, reports reveal. He has since been released on bond. 

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