Maryland Man Arrested For Impersonating An Officer, Police Say

Photo Credit: Greenbelt Police

A Maryland man was arrested for allegedly posing as a cop and pulling over a civilian who later alerted police, FOX News reported. 

Greenbelt police said they arrested Carl Colston, 47, in connection to the July 8th incident. The suspect is accused of conducting an illegal traffic stop on the off-ramp of Greenbelt Road at 201 Northbound in the city of Greenbelt, reports reveal. 

The victim told police that Colston began tailing his vehicle and started honking and flashing his white interior lights. When the driver signaled Colston to go around him, he passed him waiving a badge. 

Colston then blocked the roadway with his car causing the victim to come to a stop, before driving back behind the victim like a police officer to continue to attempt his traffic stop. The suspect reportedly had on a Maryland Marshal tactical vest, showed the victim a badge, claimed he was an officer, and called for backup using a handheld radio, reports state. 

The victim told police that Colston approached his vehicle clutching his black pistol but did not point it at him. He did lift the gun to make it visible to the victim, however. When the victim told Colston he was calling the police and recording him, Colston got back in his car and drove off.

Colston was apprehended during a traffic stop on July 13 at approximately 9:10 p.m., police said. 

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