Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Might Lose Years of Friendship Following Jennifer Lopez’s “Bossy” Attitude

Image Credit: joshuahorowitz, J’Lo/ Instagram

Rumor has it that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s bromance may be reaching its end, citing Jennifer Lopez as the possible. Somehow, it has everything to do with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s undying love for each other. But what will this be an excuse for fans of Bennifer 2.0?

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck At Loggerheads Over Treatment From Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez may be a woman after Ben Affleck’s heart, but for Matt Damon, she is one controlling person. Allegedly the relationship existing since their Good Will Hunting days has also been affected. All Damon needed to do to afflict the bromance was to speak his truth.

A whisperer told the National Enquirer:

“Matt’s had serious reservations about Bennifer 2.0 since the beginning. He tried to be publicly supportive for Ben’s sake, but the fact is he hates the way J Lo treats his buddy and can no longer hold his tongue.”

Bennifer fans got the surprise of their lives when the long-lost love returned to what it was meant to be — marriage. Affleck and J-Lo would have walked down the aisle decades ago after getting engaged, but they called it off in 2004.

Fast forward to twenty years later, they said their “I dos.” Fortunately, the years apart and their different families — kids from past relationships did not affect their love for each other. But what looked like a perfect love story to the public has now been categorized as rocky.

As per the same source, Affleck and J’Lo are facing a hard time in their relationship as the Gone Girl star is always in a “doghouse.” This emboldened Damon to call out the foolery. Sadly, Affleck refused to listen and instead sided with his wife.

Despite the expected behavior from Affleck, his long-time buddy decided it was time to say something. Rumor has it that the men quarreled over the same issue during Bennifer 1.0. “But after Matt called him out on it, Ben started pulling,” the person added.

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