Morgan Freeman’s Health Is 100% Amid Unsteady Steps During NYC Stroll

Image Credit: Morgan Freeman/ Facebook

Sources assured that there is no need to worry about Morgan Freeman’s health. The Hollywood star was spotted walking to his car “feebly,” and it has raised concerns so far. However, reports confirmed that it may be due to old age.

Morgan Freeman’s Health Is “Fine”

The Now You See Me star did not have a problem taking a little stroll in New York City despite having a car nearby. Freeman walked freely without any help to his SUV. However, eyewitnesses spotted him taking unsteady steps as he tried to cross the road.

According to Radar Online, the actor was helped only when he reached the vehicle, as someone settled him into the back seat. The media outlet gathered from a close source that Morgan Freeman’s health should not bother fans. In a concise statement, the insider shared, “Morgan is in fine health.”

Morgan Freeman’s Health Report That Has Fans Worried

The National Enquirer’s news of Freeman’s health is quite worrisome. While referencing the actor’s wellbeing, a source maintained that things are beginning to get worse. This has led him to make very few steps while walking, as exemplified during his New York walk.

According to the Insider:

“Morgan’s health has been deteriorating to the point where he can barely walk on his own — and when he does it’s measured steps.”

Despite the alleged health challenges, Freeman still finds a way to put up a brave front and connect to fans.

The person added:

“He’s clearly in a lot of pain and everyone is concerned for his welfare. But Morgan isn’t one to complain. He gets through it somehow with a grimace. And he never forgets to wave at fans. But the fear is he won’t be able to take much more of this. He’s in constant agony and trapped in his own body. It must be horrible for him.”

Whatever the situation is, Morgan Freeman has proven that he will not succumb to any health challenges. Instead, he strives to walk without assistance, exhibiting courage and that all is well regardless of the concerns.

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