Off-Duty Chicago Officer Tells Alleged Thief ‘ I’ll Kill You’ Before Fatally Shooting Him

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Bruno Guerrero

An off-duty Chicago officer warned a would-be robber that she will ‘kill’ him before pulling the trigger and fatally shooting him, NY Post reported. 

The incident occurred on January 17 when the off-duty officer stepped in to break up a fight between four people. One of the individuals in the group proceeded to reach for the officer’s handgun which broke out into a scuffle between the two. The officer is heard telling the man

“I’ll kill you,”

before shots rang out hitting 39-year-old Leevon Smith. 

The series of events was captured on surveillance footage and later released by Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA). After the first two shots were fired Smith is heard saying,

“you got me, you got me.”

The off-duty officer then replies,

“I told your dumb— I’d kill you,”

as she shoots the third and final shot.

“Damn, baby, I’m sorry,”

an injured Smith cries out, adding moments later

“I don’t want to die.”

The unnamed cop is heard yelling for someone to call the police as she continues to scold Smith for trying to steal her gun, the footage showed.

“You thought I was playing, I told you I’d shoot you… I told your dumb— I’d shoot you,” the unnamed cop says. “You tried to steal my f—ing gun.”

Smith was taken to the hospital, where was pronounced dead two days later, CBS Chicago reported. CPD said in a statement that the officer was placed on routine 30-day administrative duty pending an investigation. They later concluded that the suspect did grab the off-duty officer’s weapon to which she was presented with



According to an arrest report, the officer

“suffered a cut above her right eye”

from the attack. Chicago police said the officer did the right thing by calling 911 after the shooting. She was not charged for the fatal shooting of Smith however, Smith’s family is suing the city and officer for $10 million, according to the local newspaper.  

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