Oklahoma Judge Rules In Favor Of Sperm Donor In Child Custody Battle After Baby’s Two Moms Split

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Liane Metzler

An Oklahoma woman has lost custody of her son to her sperm donor after her ex-wife moved in with him following their split, NY Post reported per KFOR News. 

Kris Williams and her then-wife, Rebekah Wilson, gave birth to a baby boy in June 2019. Williams told KFOR that her name was recorded on her son’s birth certificate as one of his two mothers the day he was born. However, according to Oklahoma law, as a lesbian couple, one must adopt the child to

“establish parental rights,”

which Williams did not do. 

The women separated when the boy was two and Wilson moved in with her sperm donor, Harlan Vaughn. According to court filings, Wilson said she was co-parenting with Vaughn, who has been a donor to at least 13 other babies, reports note. On Monday, an Oklahoma judge ruled that the sperm donor was the legal parent along with Wilson leaving Williams out of the equation. Williams said the ruling left her in

“pure terror, as a queer person, to be erased.”

The judge referred to Oklahoma’s Uniform Parentage Act which does not acknowledge same-sex marriage, KFOR noted.

“The reality is that the law provides a legal remedy available to Williams. She knowingly chose not to pursue it,”

the ruling stated. 

Williams’ attorney, Robyn Hopkins told the outlet they plan to appeal the judge’s decision

“Kris is on the birth certificate of this child and [she and Wilson] were married.. a child of the marriage… I mean, to me, it’s logical. It’s black and white… Show me where the case law says that gay people have to adopt their own child,”

the attorney said, noting that this would not be the case for heterosexual couples.

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