Onsite! Meets Charnita Horton: A Candid Conversation on Navigating Career Pinnacles, Building a Strong Family, and Embracing Life’s Whirlwind

Image Credit: Charnita Horton

Miss Charnita Horton is one of America’s budding serial entrepreneurs with a background in Human Resources Management. The Birmingham-born tax guru is also into fashion, business coaching, trucking, and motivational services. However, her husband, Jason Horton, has always been beside her.

Onsite! chatted with Miss Horton, who transitioned from Corporate America with her husband in 2016 to start Smartaxx LLC. The motivational speaker shared insightful tips on their career faith walk and her mother-in-law’s impact. Following the success of several businesses and “entrepreneurship hack,” Miss Horton is set to hit the screens with a new reality TV show titled “Charnita’s World.” See more details below.

Image Credit: Charnita Horton

Charnita Horton Talks Connecting with Her Husband in High School— How It All Started

In response to how she met her husband and how they connected, Mrs. Charnita Horton disclosed to Onsite! that they were high school sweethearts at the age of 17. She was attracted to him for his business acumen early in life. Jason made money by selling chips, juice, and honeybuns in high school.

The tax guru quipped about saving the money Jason gave her back then to make her hair. She highlighted her ability to save money as an entrepreneurial quality and had it from a young age. It is rare to see a high school student interested in business/moneymaking that much. It was at that point that Charnita wanted more for herself.

Work-Life Balance— Managing Workload and Family

According to the motivational speaker, she makes time for her family by ensuring they go on vacation. Charnita also goes on dates with her husband from time to time, and it helps her marriage.

Delegation has also aided her work-life balance. The TV star revealed that she employed the services of a house manager, chef, etc. With such assistance, she creates time to be a good wife to her husband and a mother to her kids. However, she clarified that employing such services doesn’t mean she can’t take care of her home when need be.

Quitting Corporate America & Entrepreneurship

Charnita and Jason Horton left their “Corporate America” jobs in June 2016 with only six months of savings at the time. Charnita LLC disclosed that Smartaxx LLC was actually her mother-in-law’s idea. She revealed that she approved the idea once it was brought to her. Also, she wasn’t willing to trample on her mother-in-law’s dream, who beat cancer and went through a messy divorce that left her with almost nothing. However, Charnita stood on business, asking for a clear split of a percentage of the proceeds.

According to the tax expert, generational wealth is one major reason entrepreneurship is important to the Hortons. She gave an example of how her husband started a business in high school and went on to attain success. Now, that knowledge will be transferred to their kids and so on. Charnita has grown from tax to trucking to owning a boutique and a motivational speech service. Currently, “Charnita’s World” is in the works.

Charnita’s World- What Should Viewers Expect

According to the TV star, “Charnita’s World” will reveal the true reality of her life. The show will entail her life experiences from childhood to adulthood and reveal much about the “black culture.” The show’s growth beat her expectations, and it is blowing up more than her expectations.

In her words:

“Mehn Charnita’s World grew way faster than I could have imagined!”

She further stated that she walked up to her husband, telling him that she was okay to be on tv and with what people had to say about her. According to her:

“I want my story to go far and I want the transparency of my world to be televised.”

The business mogul wants the show to be based on transparency/zero-fakeness. This means viewers should prepare for one of the most authentic TV content. She also believes “Charnita’s World” will be very engaging. So, viewers should get ready!

Charnita Horton’s Advice to Upcoming Couples or People with Similar Goals

Charnita realized that the woman should let the man be in charge in a relationship or marriage. She went on to state that relationships or marriages come down to trust and faith in each other.

In her words:

“I remember not being submissive to my husband, and it turned a lot on me. I realized in this day and time, I didn’t have to work too much mentally and physically after giving him that power. It really opened my eyes a lot and i started thinking richer and feeling more comfortable”

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