Onsite! Rah Ali Says Ari Fletcher’s Relevance Is Slowing Down After The Influencer Called Out Twitter User Amid India Royale and NBAYoungBoy Controversy: ‘I Think Ari Is Drowning’

Photo Credit: Instagram/Rah Ali

It looks like Onsite’s CEO Rah Ali had some words for Ari Fletcher after the influencer called out a Twitter user for mentioning her son amid the India Royale and NBAYoungBoy drama, which eventually led to a small back-and-forth between India, and one of the mothers of NBA YoungBoy’s children. 

If you’re unaware, during the short-lived debacle between NBA YoungBoy and India Royale on Twitter, a Twitter user called out India Royale about beefing with men saying,

“nooo India leave the beef to the menssssss.”

India then responded,

“I was. Don’t speak on me.”

The Twitter user went on to respond to India saying,

“friend I’m sorry yoshon took my phone.”

Blaming Ari’s son Yoshon for everything amongst fans seemed to have been a joke for some time now; however, the influencer didn’t appreciate that and personally responded to the Twitter user saying,

“Keep my son name off your page you big sloppy bit-h.” 

The incident was discussed on Onsite’s radio show where the CEO, Rah Ali, pointed out that Ari’s relevancy is slowing down and insinuated that she responded to the comment for relevance. Rah said,

“I think Ari is drowning. I think that at one point there was a lot of traction whenever she posted and now it’s just really tired.”

She went on to say,

“sis be trying to grasp for straws for relevancy.” 

Rah pointed out that the influencer constantly disrespects other people’s children. She added,

“Why can’t nobody talk about your son? ..You talk about everybody else and other people kids.”

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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