Perfect Moment Syndrome Unveiled: A Deep Dive Into Its Impact

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Perfect Moment Syndrome may not have a medical diagnosis, but it is very much present in today’s world. The truth is, nothing is truly perfect. As imperfect creatures, we can only strive for excellence. Imagine a world where everything is flawless. What, then, can truly inspire us to be better?

The Cause of Perfect Moment Syndrome

According to Kamran Eshtehardi, a certified clinical psychologist, the major cause of Perfect Moment Syndrome is the belief in perfection. Kamran’s explanation in Bustle reads:

“The reason why Perfect Moment Syndrome so consistently leads to hurt and distress is that it’s literally impossible for everything to go perfectly all the time.”

Kamran adds that pessimistic people can also catch Perfect Moment Syndrome – “because they have a history of feeling like things go badly for them and they expect that to continue.”

Handling This Syndrome

Having identified what perfect moment syndrome is all about, a person suffering from it can:

  • Be aware of the perfection-driven syndrome so you can draw up a schedule that prioritizes yourself before that big event. If there is a wedding at hand, kill the anxiety by eating delicious food, talking with friends, or listening to soothing music.
  • Examine why you have your hopes high. Is it for your social media content or for the world to share in your perfect moment? Either way, none of this is genuinely about you. So you may not mind losing it.
  • Whenever negativity kicks in, remind yourself that you are more than enough. Bask in the euphoria of the moment and not in what should have been.
  • Lastly, know that you are but human, cut yourself some slack!

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