Police Searching For Couple Accused Of Killing Several Animals At Pet Store

Photo Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department

Oklahoma City police are searching for two suspects accused of murdering multiple animals inside a pet store, FOX News reported. 

A Petland manager contacted authorities on July 14 at around 6 p.m. after finding several dead animals around the store including a rabbit, parakeet, and hamster. Staff members became suspicious after finding the parakeet with a broken neck in its enclosure. The rabbit enclosure which is close by also had a dead rabbit inside of it. 

After reviewing surveillance footage, police discovered a man and a woman entering the store at about 3:30 p.m. The suspects can be seen roaming around the store before approaching the parakeet enclosure. The woman served as a lookout while the man broke the bird’s neck and then walked away. 

The man also reached into the rabbit enclosure and held a rabbit down before walking away. He then grabs a hamster and guinea pig, walking out of the store with the woman, police said.

The assistant manager said she discovered the hamster, which appeared to be stomped to death. The guinea pig was never found. The Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Department is working with police to find the suspects. 

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