Rizz: The Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Currently, “Rizz” is a well-known word; however, it is not in the dictionary. According to Elite Daily, the word has been adopted as the 2023 Oxford word of the year. Although it originated from “Charisma,” it sounds nothing like the main word.

To have Rizz is to be attractive to a romantic partner. It’s almost like having sex appeal, but more. Rizz starts from appearance to diction (knowing what to say and when to say it), smartness, confidence, smell, “vibes,” etc. Blending these factors adequately is the main game.

Seven Ways to Perfect Your Rizz

Up Your Socializing Game

This would include asking lots of questions and making people think of you long after you’ve gone from a party. Talk to people about non-boring stuff. Engage your audience once you have their attention, and be quick to answer their questions. It doesn’t have to be correct; know how to talk and socialize whenever you’re out.

The Eye Can Be A Powerful Rizz Tool

Know when to look and know when it’s just enough. During conversations, keep your eyes fixed on the other party. Occasionally glancing at them would also work. This would build your confidence score with them. At the same time, avoid being creepy. If a person asks you to quit with the stares, then it’s time to give up.

Be Consistent by Changing Your Bio Online

Your bio should flow with your personality. There are cool ways you can describe your job or abilities without sounding boring.

A Nice Hairdo Will Do

If nothing else, let it be known that you have the hair rizz! Make a statement with your hair, curls, all gelled up, anything that works for you, even down to a simple fade. Let people recognize you when you walk into the room.

Rizz is Incomplete Without Proper Fits

Know the fashion choices that go best with your body and rock it! At the same time, include some trendy outfits like retro fashion in your wardrobe.

Let Your Pictures and Poses Do the Talking

Practice how to pose like a model. In your photos, avoid rocking too revealing outfits. After all, you aim to show your charisma.

Interrupt Conversations Charmingly

Be courteous, but let people feel your presence when you interrupt their discussions. You walk into a room and to a table full of people who catch your eyes; the best deal is to make a sweet joke. Announce your presence.

It’s impossible for all these steps to fail you. Know that the only thing standing between you and that rizzing up that person is your lack of confidence!

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