Romance Author Announces She’s Alive Years After Allegedly Dying By Suicide

In October of 2020, author Susan Meachen’s death by suicide was announced on her personal Facebook page. Since then, the page has been used to promote her previous works, as well as share suicide prevention fundraisers. Over two years later, Meachen has unexpectedly returned to social media to announce that she is alive in a now deleted post, as reported by E News.

“I debated on how to do this a million times and still not sure if it’s right or not,” Meachen vaguely explained in a post within her private Facebook group. “There’s going to be tons of questions and a lot of people leaving the group, I’d guess. But my family did what they thought was best for me, and I can’t fault them for it. I almost died again at my own hand, and they had to go through all that hell again. Returning to [the Facebook group] doesn’t mean much, but I am in a good place now, and I am hoping to write again. Let the fun begin.”

s of now, the post is the only source of evidence that Meachen has not died, but friends, followers, and colleagues of the writer were understandably upset with her reappearance. After the announcement of her passing, many had rallied around Meachen’s family, offering love, support, and even free labor. Numerous people had edited the “late” author’s “final works” so that it could be released in her memory, and now rightfully feel betrayed and taken advantage of.

Susan Meachen faking her own suicide and then wandering blithely back online because she ‘got bored’ is so exquisitely insane,” author Gretchen Felker-Martin said on Twitter. “Romance writers really are operating on another plane of reality.”

“I can forgive many things, but I don’t think I could ever forgive you faking your death,” said Karen Hall, another disappointed colleague.

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