Setting Healthy Boundaries That Can Help Improve Relationships

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Creating boundaries is one thing, but are they healthy boundaries? This is a question not many know the answer to. Also, did you know that you can set healthy boundaries, which, in turn, will help your relationships?

What Do You Know About Creating Healthy Boundaries?

Creating boundaries is not a weird phenomenon; for many people, irrespective of culture, it would seem like the healthiest thing to do. It is not difficult to know what healthy boundaries are, especially if you are an open-minded individual who appreciates cultural differences.

In places like Africa and Asia, family members are sometimes expected to greet with a bow, prostration, or even touching the feet of an elder when greeting. Meanwhile, in Europe, there is sometimes no prescribed form for greetings. You can greet them with a hug, kiss, or handshake, regardless of the age difference. Now, that is a cultural boundary intended to maintain respect.

Healthy personal boundaries also exist. No matter where you are, if a stranger comes too close for comfort, that person has crossed the line. Boundaries can also be created for families, friends, and business associates and cannot be interchanged.

How To Create Boundaries

Once familiar with the existing boundaries, creating healthy boundaries should not be difficult. However, the first step is to make the other person conscious and aware. You must be able to communicate your expectations of that relationship, be it social, personal, or formal.

After establishing that, be sure to stand your ground. Show your assertiveness by being polite yet firm. Maintaining boundaries is important for a healthy relationship — don’t make it seem one-sided.

Avoid being a people pleaser if you want your boundaries to be respected in any relationship. If you don’t, it can create a parasitic relationship, affecting your mental health. Also, don’t feel bad for doing what is best for you, but make sure others are not hurt in the process.

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