Snoop Dogg’s Only Daughter, Cori Broadus, Suffers Stroke At 24

Image Credit: Snoop Dogg/X, PrincessBroadus/ Instagram

Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus, wrote about her stroke experience, bringing many to tears. Via her Instagram story, the singer revealed that it was a health scare that left her feeling cheated in life.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Has Been In And Out Of Hospitals Since Age 6

Cori Broadus had a normal childhood until she turned 6 and was diagnosed with lupus. Despite having celebrity parents to care for her, Snoop’s daughter suffered greatly from the disease, leading her to consume about twelve pills daily.

VIBE references the Mayo Clinic’s description of lupus as an autoimmune disease that occurs when body tissues and organs become targets of the body system. This illness puts the heart, joints, blood cells, and lungs at risk. Meanwhile, patients with such disorders have a higher chance of having a stroke.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter, Cori Broadus,’ First Time Suffering A Stroke

Cori Broadus’ fans were informed of her stroke after she shared two images online. The 24-year-old posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed, with a grey colored cover draped around her body. Though she resisted sharing the location and exact time of the incident, Cori wrote:

“I had a severe stroke this am. I started breaking down crying when they told me.”

A follow-up image insinuated that Cori was unhappy about her medical condition. She added

“I’m only 24. What did I do in my past to deserve all of this?”

Cori’s health has never been a setback in achieving her dreams. Like her dad, she is in the music business. Additionally, she is very vocal about her medical condition. In 2023, Snoop’s daughter had a clean slate as far as her lupus was concerned. She told People:

“I’ve been good, better than ever, ” she said. “I stopped taking all of my medication like five months ago. I’m just doing everything natural, all types of herbs, sea moss, teas. I started working out, drinking lots of water. So now I think my body’s like, ‘Okay, this is the new program, and she’s getting used to it.’”

It appeared that Cori Broadus was on her way to recovery when she made the post telling her fans about the stroke. For now, all they know is that she is not a quitter — whether with lupus or stroke.

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