Son Stole $70K From His Grieving Dad By Putting On Deceased Mom’s Voice To Transfer Funds To His Account

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Police arrested a man they say stole $70,000 from his grieving dad by posing as his deceased mother to transfer funds, per the NY Post

Daniel Cuthbert, 42, is accused of withdrawing and transferring money from his father’s accounts to his account over 14 months. Cuthbert allegedly pretended to be his deceased mother by

“[putting] on a female voice”

to authorize transfers on several occasions. In some instances, he would also pose as his father during his phone calls to the bank. 

When his father noticed the missing money from his account he confronted Cuthbert however, the father, overwhelmed with grief, overlooked his son’s iniquity. In 2018, the dad received a visit from the United Kingdom buildings society which notified him that he was on the verge of losing his property because of his debts. The Northamptonshire Police’s Volume Fraud team opened an investigation into the case and Cuthbert was arrested. 

“This was a really despicable abuse of trust by this man who falsely represented his father and even his late mother, in order to defraud them out of more than £56,000 [$73,384],”

Sergeant Mike Rogers told South West News Service.

According to the outlet, Cuthbert also took out loans in his father’s name, which later caused him to lose his home, due to the amount of debt piled up. 

“This was a complex investigation, but due to some excellent work by the lead investigator, Cuthbert has been jailed and will now have plenty of time to reflect on his actions,”

Rogers said.

“We hope this brings some closure to the victim who was put through a horrendous ordeal by his son only months after losing his wife.”

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