Stress-Proof Your Routine: A Guide to Boosting Productivity

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Stressful routines leave you feeling drained, used and spent. You may have a lot of goals set up and know how to achieve them, but if you do not rest enough, it might never happen. So, we all agree that being able to manage high-stress routines is important for growth. Not everyone will grasp the strategy as it involves intentionality, but is it possible? Yes!

Being Positive Amid Stressful Routines

Taking time away from work can be a great remedy for restarting your career. It could be a general holiday, leave, or the weekend. Whichever it is, you feel refreshed after the short pause. But when the pangs of stress set in, you may feel that the work might just not be worth it. Well, think again!

Try to recount how much you have accomplished as a risk-taker or hard worker. There are goals you must have achieved using all that time at work. This will help you feel proud and not used.

After understanding that your accomplishments are not so little after all, do not immediately jump to setting new goals. Rather, focus on working to get things perfect. Reevaluate your journey so far and the lessons learned from the mistakes made. It could include the amount of time spent on one task or your modus operandi. This will help you be more intentional in the future and possibly reduce your stress level since you will see things differently.

Documenting Can Help, Here’s How

Managing stressful routines can only work if you have an actual routine. Not to sound cheeky, but it is only through proper planning that you can live a less stressful lifestyle. Whether it’s arranging your home life or office duties, it helps best if you can prioritize yourself in your schedule. This would mean documenting what feels special to you, time with friends and family, alone time for reflection, dieting, and exercising.

Once you get a grasp of what best fits into your journal, it becomes easier to prioritize and eventually initiate no matter how tired. This way, you get refueled and never lose steam.

Stressful routines can be damaging to yourself and eventually affect your relationships with colleagues and loved ones. According to Fast Company, being aware of your stressful routine is the first step to managing it. Good luck!

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