Substitute Teacher Claims School Officer Grabbed Her by the Throat and Dragged Her Through the Hallway

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ kyo azuma

A substitute teacher claims she was grabbed by the throat and dragged through the hallway by a student resource officer who thought she was a student, WSB-TV reported. 

Nia King, 22, who has been working at Eagle’s Landing High School in McDonough, Georgia since September said she was attacked by an SRO after attempting to break up a fight between two girls in the hallway. 

“The girl hits the other girl, and then that’s when the crowd started,”

King told WSB-TV.

“Once we pushed down the hall, I got trampled from the left to the right of the hall, and then now I’m back into the middle of the fight. As I was back in the middle of the fight, the SRO just grabs me by the neck, and the fight is still continuing to go on, and she dragged me all the way from the middle of the hall towards her office,”

she explained.

King said she wasn’t offered any explanation for the SRO actions.

“She asked me do I need EMS, do I need the nurse, and do I need some water,”

King recalled.

“I just told her, ‘I just need you to leave because you just drug me from that point to this point, and I couldn’t breathe, but you wouldn’t talk.’” 

King said the officer came back to explain that she was trying to save her from being attacked in the brawl. However, King said she made no contact with the students during the fight.

“I couldn’t breathe at one point,”

she said. The incident was caught on video by students and has been sent to both the Henry County police and the school district, who are conducting an investigation into the matter.

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