Teen Charged After Raping Drunk Girl As Onlookers Laughed and Filmed Her Pleading For Him To Stop, Officials Say

Metropolitan Police Department

A teenager, Aiden Cicchetti, from Nevada, has been accused of raping a girl who was so intoxicated that she was

“barely conscious.”

According to the New York Post, bystanders filmed as she pleaded for the teen to stop, officials say. 

Initially, the 17-year-old said he didn’t have sex with the girl in the back of the vehicle; however, he later tearfully confessed after being shown three videos that were sent to the victim, says an arrested warrant attained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The footage showed witnesses laughing as the teen had sex with the unnamed girl, as she was heard saying

“No, no, no.”

The brief clips revealed that the victim was

“barely conscious”

as she told Cicchetti to


Before the victim saw the tapes, she had no recollection of having sex with the teen, who she met on a Las Vegas

“party bus,”

documents say. The girl informed officials that she became

“dizzy and nauseous”

after Cicchetti gave her a drink. Reports say the victim woke up in his kitchen as she was covered in a towel and her underwear and pants were missing. Cicchetti later contacted her through social media as he referred to them engaging in sexual activity, which she disregarded as a joke. She was later sent videos of the encounter by someone, as the person wrote,

“LMAO look what I found on my phone.” 

The girl then went on to report the incident to a school counselor before contacting officials. The teen boy’s mother, who is an attorney, was in the room while he was being interviewed by police. Cicchetti claimed the sex was consensual and said the girl’s friends

“forced him”

to do it, according to the report. Ross Goodman, the teen’s attorney, said the sex was consensual and blamed officials for not interviewing witnesses whose stories negate the police narrative. Goodman also alleged that there’s no proof that the victim

“was incoherent or otherwise blacked out.”

The attack occurred at the end of March; however, details in the arrest report arose last week. The teen boy has been charged with three counts of sexual assault, reports The Post. 

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