Tenant Sues Landlord and Powerball Winner Edwin Castro for Stealing $2 Billion Ticket from Him

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A Los Angeles man has filed a lawsuit against two men he says stole his winning Powerball lottery ticket valued at $2.4 billion, NY Post reported. 

Jose Rivera is accusing his former landlord Urachi


Romero and Powerball winner Edwin Castro claiming they stole the historic $2.4 billion ticket from him. Romero is declaring his innocence and even admitted that Rivera showed him the winning numbers before the draw. 

Romero, 47, said

“Rivera showed him the Powerball ticket on Nov. 7, the night he says he purchased it from Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, Calif,”

reports reveal. The winning numbers were 10, 33, 41, 47, 56, and red Powerball 10. 

“I saw Jose Rivera with that ticket … he showed it to me,”

Romero said.

“I asked him why he picked two 10s. He said it was the date his parents both died. He picked 47 because that’s how old he is. He also said his dad always wanted a 1956 Chevy truck, so he picked 56. He had a reason why he chose every number and he told me this before (the drawing).”

Romero said the day the winning numbers were announced, Rivera started

“frantically [searching] his room and even demanded to search other rooms in the home,”

reports state.

“I let him look through my things because I had nothing to hide,”

Romero said.

Edwin Castro, who was also a friend of Rivera, cashed out the winning $2 billion Powerball ticket in February taking the lump sum payout of $997.6 million.

“There are no facts as to how Edwin Castro came into possession of the winning Powerball ticket from ‘Reggie’,”

Romero told the outlet. 

Castro has since made some expensive purchases including a vintage Porsche,

“a multimillion-dollar home in the Hollywood Hills amongst neighbors like Dakota Johnson, Ariana Grande, and Jimmy Kimmel,”

and another $4 million home. Romero said he still sees Rivera in town but the two do not speak anymore. 

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