Texas Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison After Confessing To Brutally Murdering Wife With Nail Gun

Photo Credit: Harris County District Attorney’s Office

Lam Ngoc Tran, a 65-year-old man from Texas, has confessed to the horrific murder of his wife, My Thai Dang. The tragic incident involved Tran brutally attacking his wife with a nail gun in their home, Law&Crime reported. 

In a desperate attempt to end his own life, Tran then turned the tool on himself, shooting himself in the face and wrist. However, his suicide attempt was unsuccessful. On Thursday, Judge Veronica M. Nelson of the Harris County District Court sentenced Tran to 40 years in prison for the crime. This decision was based on court records obtained by Law&Crime.

“This is a horrible murder, and it reinforces that the most dangerous time for a battered spouse is when they are trying to leave the relationship,”

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement following the sentencing hearing.

“This woman was trying to get away from an abusive husband, and the only reason she is dead is because he could not stand to lose control of her.”

In May, Tran confessed to murdering his wife, who had recently filed for divorce. Police were called to their residence on Jan 10, 2022, where they discovered Dang’s lifeless body covered in blood, with severe injuries to her face and head. A bloody nail with human hair was also found nearby.

Tran was found near his wife in the living room with significant facial and bodily injuries. Law enforcement discovered a nail gun and air compressor nearby. An autopsy revealed that Dang’s injuries matched the pattern of the nail gun, indicating she had been struck multiple times.

Tran’s son and Dang’s niece confirmed that Dang filed for divorce in August 2021 and served Tran with papers on Dec. 18, 2021. Dang’s niece shared that on the day of serving, Dang called her while hiding in her closet due to Tran’s anger. Dang also confided in her niece that Tran intended to delay the divorce process, in hopes she wouldn’t follow through.

Additionally, Tran’s daughter informed the police that on Jan. 9, 2022, Tran sent a text to her and her siblings, stating that he was leaving and they should contact their uncle if needed, before saying goodbye. This incident occurred ahead of a court hearing for a restraining order Dang had requested against her husband.

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