TikToker Comes Face-To-Face With 200-Pound Bear On Vacation After It Gets Trapped In Her Sister’s Car

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @mana5280

A TikToker named Emma (@intrusivethot03) and her sister recently came face-to-face with a 200-pound bear in the Great Smoky Mountains after it got trapped inside her sister’s Prius, Insider reports. 

The first video she posted about the chance encounter on May 24 went viral. It shows the girls cleaning out the completely destroyed interior full of bite marks and debris.

At the time of the incident, the sisters were revisiting a resort in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee that they’d gone to for 20 years. In the video, Emma mentions they receive bear warnings each year, being told to lock their doors and avoid leaving food inside cars.

In a second video posted on May 25, the TikToker explained how it all went down. During their first night on vacation, airhorns went off around 10 P.M. They assumed a bear was nearby, and that the resort employees were trying to get it away from the property.

“So all of a sudden, we’re watching, and we hear this twig snap to our left,”

Emma stated. Immediately, she turned and saw a black bear climbing a fence. In another Tik Tok video, she included the photo of the bear allegedly climbing over the fence. 

“We were all just sitting there, quiet,”

Emma continued, adding that it was near her sister’s car by this point.

Seconds later, her sister noticed the car door open, and the bear climbed inside. Since the car was on a hill, the door closed behind the animal, trapping it inside.

“It just starts freaking out,”

she told viewers.

“He’s shaking; he’s turning on the headlights. We felt so horrible.”

The bear even set off the car’s horn in the commotion.

The police were notified immediately. However, employees told the girls that the bear might have to be put down if it continued acting violently.

“There is literally no way you’re doing that,”

replied Emma, who was willing to open the door herself.

When the police came to open the door, the bear – and police – both ran “like hell,” according to her, and the bear disappeared into the woods.

“Thankfully we’re all safe, and so is our bear friend,”

Emma said.

#Clique, how would you have reacted in this situation?


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