White Lawyer That Spat on Black Student During a 2020 Protest Chooses Jail Over Probation

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Grant Durr

A white lawyer who spat on a black high school student during an anti-racism march in Milwaukee in 2020 has chosen to go to jail over probation, AP News reported. 

Stephanie Rapkin, 67, a Shorewood attorney was found guilty of

“misdemeanor disorderly conduct”

in April in connection to the incident, reports reveal. 

According to the outlet, Rapkin tried infringing on the 2020 George Floyd protest in the Milwaukee area by parking her car in the middle of the street in an attempt to block demonstrators. She was approached by the teen, who reportedly

“organized and led the march,”

and other protestors who asked her to move. Rapkins then hocked up a loogie and spat it at the boy. 

She was arrested and charged with a hate crime that was later reduced. On Tuesday Milwaukee County Judge Laura Crivello gave Rapkin the option of 60 days in jail or a year of probation with 100 hours of community service, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The lawyer declined the probation taking the 60-day sentence. 

“It’s not viable,”

she told the court.

“I’d rather go to jail right now and take care of it.”

Rapkin also faces a charge of assaulting a police officer who arrested her at her home the following day of the march. According to the criminal complaint, Rapkin

“kneed him in the groin.”

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