White Woman In Blackface Harasses Target and Starbucks Customers In Colorado With Disturbed Rants

Photo Credit: Twitter/@iceyxblues

Former Colorado postal worker, Ersilia Campbell, was recorded on video displaying racist behavior at an Aurora Target store and Starbucks

A video acquired by TMZ shows Campbell entering Target with her face smeared with dark makeup, engaging in irrational rants about


and politics.

“Lester Holt did ‘whiteface’ and nobody said s–t,”

the video captures Campbell responding to an employee who confronted her regarding the offensive face paint.

She reportedly demanded to see the store’s Pride section and was noticeably upset when employees informed her that Pride Month had concluded in June.

“Oh, I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag forever, no?”

Campbell responded, seemingly alluding to the rainbow flag that is commonly associated with LGBTQIA+ Pride.

“I don’t shop at Target,”

she said as she walked out of the store.

However, Campbell’s unsettling and racially offensive conduct did not end there. Later the same day, she uploaded a self-recorded video from a nearby Starbucks where she continued to display her face painted in black and wore a Mickey Mouse shirt decorated with Donald Trump campaign stickers.

“I never treat myself to Starbucks since the post office got rid of me,”

she said.

“Trump is coming … I’m showing my t–ies,”

she teased, leaning back to show off the two stickers.

According to TMZ, Campbell’s LinkedIn profile states that she held the position of operations supervisor at the United States Postal Service, however, she was terminated in February.

In the Starbucks video, Campbell announced that she was on her

“way to the post office for a job,”


“they will never recognize my picture now,”

as she giggled maniacally, referring to the blackface.

TMZ obtained a photo showing a bulletin distributed by USPS to its current employees, which identified Campbell as a trespasser. This alarming incident has raised concerns about racial intolerance and inappropriate behavior.

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