Who Is Iman Abuzeid, Owner Of The Fourth Black Woman Billion Dollar Company

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Beyonce’s Who Runs The World song aligns with Iman Abuzeid’s career and growth with Incredible Health. She surely runs things— from the business world to the healthcare industry. Abuzeid, a force to reckon with as a black female billionaire, has her roots embedded in African soil. Here’s what we know about her.

Iman Abuzeid’s African Root

Abuzeid’s birthplace was Saudi Arabia, but she came from a Sudanese two-parent household. As a young woman, she became interested in technology geared towards improving lives, and thus came the healthcare dream/vision.

Iman Abuzeid studied medicine at University College London and later migrated to the United States of America. Once in the land of opportunities, she proved worthy of her medical passion and began healthcare consulting.

The Sudanese-American native soon recognized a problem in the American health sector — a shortage of nursing staff. In 2017, she made her dream a reality by co-founding Incredible Health. Through technology, she provided a platform for nurses to be hired.

Abuzeid’s business was different because she gave a certain control to her staff by prioritizing them and making them employees.

Iman Abuzeid’s Incredible Health Care Innovation

Apart from providing America’s medical world with the needed balance, her company recorded $80 million in a Series B Funding round. This raised its value to $1.65 billion.

This success has etched her as the fourth black woman to own a billion-dollar company. Through its program (Series B Funding), the firm donates over 40% of the interest on funds to Black schools, including colleges and universities.

Today, she rubs shoulders with America’s most influential women and has obtained the position of the country’s richest black female. Billionaire’s Africa writes that Iman Abuzeid’s net worth is pegged at $350 million.

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