Winnie Harlow Threatens To Beat Jess Hilarious Over An Alleged Joke About Her Skin

Image Credit: Winnie Harlow/ Instagram, Jess Hilarious/ Facebook

Jess Hilarious & Winnie Harlow are at loggerheads over a bad joke about the latter’s skin. But Jess maintains that it never happened. Next, Winnie’s fans got defensive, pulling out receipts of the comedian’s skin joke.

Winnie Harlow’s Skin

Winner Harlow’s skin has been a very sensitive topic for her ever since she first stepped into the limelight. The top model, who has vitiligo, has consolidated her road to fame. The Jasmine Brand posits that she first appeared on America’s Next Top Model, hosted by Tyra Banks in 2014.

Her confidence paved the way for her as a celebrity, and since then, Winnie has spoken out to give hope to people in her shoes. At the same time, she has not lost faith in herself, as she continues to work as a model to pad her resume.

Winnie Harlow Wants To Beat Up Jess Hilarious

There is no forgiving for Winnie, who has promised to rack things up with Jess Hilarious. In a circulating video, the model threatened to end the insensitivity from Jess through a fight. She blamed Jess for poking fun at her skin, adding that she would beat up her brother too.

Jess Hilarious did not let the accusation pass. The comedian attacked it right on, claiming that Winnie was acting weirdly. Over a screenshot of the same video, she quipped:

“This is borderline WEIRD! I’ve NEVER said anything about this bi+ch’s skin! Winnie stop it”

Fans Make A Case For Winnie Harlow’s Skin Joke

Some fans found it to be a hilarious joke between Winnie and Jess, but a handful took sides. The ones who were for the model maintained that the comedian did refer to Winnie’s skin. They dug up a 2019 video where the 31-year-old was acting as a fashion police for the Oscar ceremony look. When she zoomed in on Winnie’s pink dress, she chimed in:

“Patchy matchy.”

Team Winnie refused to see the joke, they claimed that Jess was insensitive and had upset the model. According to fans, Winnie’s feelings were valid.

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