Woman Claims She Caught Friend Breastfeeding Her Baby Twice Without Permission

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Janko Ferlič

A Malaysian Tiktoker is slamming her friend for allegedly breastfeeding her baby multiple times behind her back, per the NY Post

The woman, who goes by Afieqahhasanah on TikTok, posted a storytime detailing the disturbing incident. The video has now garnered over 2.9 million views on the platform. 

According to Afieqahhasanah, she had caught on to what her friend had been doing earlier this month at a family gathering.

“I was busy carrying things, and when I arrived, she asked me for Haider [(the baby)], so I just gave him [to her] because she was someone close to me,”

explains Afieqahhasanah.

“Suddenly while I was carrying those things, I saw that she was, like, doing something at the back in an open hall,”

the mother said.

“Turns out, she was breastfeeding Haider.”

Afieqahhasanah said she immediately addressed the woman about the issue and the friend claimed that she only

“nursed Haider because he was ‘crying,’”

and she thought the baby was hungry.

However, Afieqahhasanah could not wrap her head around the woman’s excuse given that she had fed her son a little while before.

“I couldn’t accept her excuse and I don’t know … I’ll be haunted by this incident,”

she said. Afieqahhasanah also revealed that her mother had caught the friend playing wet nurse to her son again

“a little while later.”

Although wet nurses do still exist, Afieqahhasanah can’t understand

“which mother [would] accept her baby being directly breastfed by someone else while the mother herself has breastmilk?”

“It’s difficult for me to trust other people now,”

she added.

“I take good care of my children, ensuring that nobody randomly kiss or hug them because I’m afraid of them getting infected by diseases.”

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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