Woman Held Social Worker Captive In Garage While She Killed Her Three Children In Murder-Suicide, Police Say

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An Oklahoma mother is accused of holding a social worker captive while she killed her three children in an apparent murder-suicide, reports the Daily Mail. Police say the unidentified social worker set off fireworks in the garage to try and alert people of the mother’s crime. 

The social worker was reportedly on assignment to collect Brandy McCaslin’s 11-year-old daughter and was greeted with a gun to her head by the suspect. McCaslin’s confiscated the woman’s phone and locked her in the garage. McCaslin then went on to shoot her daughter, killing her, as well as her two sons, six-year-old Bryce and 10-month-old Billy before turning the gun on herself. 

Neighbors reported seeing fireworks coming from inside the home at the time, which authorities revealed was the social worker trying to warn someone about the danger the children were facing.

When officers were finally able to get into the house hours later, they found McCaslin and her three children dead.

Billy’s father, Billy Jacobson Sr. told DailyMail.com that McCaslin had asked for an extra hour with their son, which he now believes she

“planned it in advance.”

“I knew she had problems, and I was so scared something could happen like this. She planned this ahead of time,”

he told the outlet. 

“She asked me a week and a half ago, if she could have an extra hour with Billy that day. She was a very controlling person and that combined with her losing her grandparents is what caused this. Her not having control over where her kids went, it would have been a factor. She was trying to push for them to move back in with her,” 

“Her grandparents would baby her through her whole life, they brought her up, gave her everything she wanted and if she got in trouble they covered for her. All it did was create a monster,”

he added. 

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