World’s Richest Beggar Is Worth Over $1M, According To Reports

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Patrick Hendry

An Indian man has been dubbed the world’s

“wealthiest beggar,”

according to the Hindustan Times

Bharat Jain is known for going to the tech and financial metropolis areas in Mumbai, India to beg people for their pocket change. The act, which is usually frowned upon, has become a profitable business for Jain, generating $890,708 in revenue. 

It has been reported that the man goes out for 10 to 12 hours each day begging people for money. He reportedly brings home 2500 rupees every day, which comes out to be $30 a day or $904 a month, reports reveal. Ironically, Jain is not a poor man. The professional panhandler reportedly owns a luxurious two-bedroom flat in India. He also rents out two shops that bring in an extra $363 a month. According to OddityCentral,

“his net worth is expected to be around 7.5 crores ($1 million).”

Bharat comes from humble beginnings and was not able to pursue any formal education growing up, the Economic Times reported. This is the reason he resorted to begging in the beginning. Now he has taken the money he’s earned and poured it into his children’s education. They have all completed their education at denominational schools and already have jobs.

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