Ace Film Actor Jeffrey Wright Plans On Exploring Gordon’s Life In “The Batman 2”


Jeffrey Wright says he wants Part II to dig deeper into Jim Gordon’s private life and what he brings to the role he plays in Gotham.

Wright sat down to discuss with Discussing Film about his Oscar-nominated performance in American Fiction and his hope to see Gordon in the upcoming film sequel.

“Well, it’s probably not a good idea to get too far ahead of Matt [Reeves],”

he said.

“One of the things that I’ve spoken about with him a little bit is, in playing the role, I wondered about his private life and I wonder about people who have the level of responsibility that he has, having that public face of rectitude and goodness. I wonder what lies underneath Commissioner Gordon because the Batman wears his cowl, but, in some ways, Gordon wears a mask too.”

The actor further stated,

“Gordon represents justice in a way through his type of righteousness, not sanctimony, and I wonder what might lie behind that mask with the sacrifices that he may have to consider because he gives so much to this public persona and his civic duty. What’s the bearing of all that on him, underneath his mask? Those are questions that might be interesting to pursue, but we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to read and dive back into it, but I know as much as you know about it at the moment. We’ll get there!”

Following the success of the film, writer and director Matt Reeves revealed in 2022 that a sequel is in the works with Robert Pattinson set to return as Batman, although Wright hadn’t seen a finished screenplay yet.

“I have not read the script. I have not received the script. I’m waiting patiently, but I’ll tell you what? As soon as I get it, I’ll call you. I’ll send a copy right over to you. On the off chance that Matt Reeves hears this, the hairs on the back of his neck are going to stand up.”

Principal Photography is yet to kick off in August 2024 at Warner Bros. Studios in England.

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